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Keep track of the success of your SEO efforts

The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your Keyword Ranking positions in Search Engines, to deliver more traffic to your site, and more business to you, or your client’s businesses!

SEOptimer’s Keyword Tracking Tool makes this dead simple, by helping you find the right keywords to track, and keeping you updated of their progress over time in your country.

Find the Keywords that matter

Simply enter your website, and SEOptimer’s Keyword Tracking Tool will show you the keywords your site ranks for in real time. We also scan your website content to find the most common keywords already used on your page that might be of value.

We’ll show you the Search Volumes, Ranking Positions of Specific Pages, Estimated Traffic & Competitiveness of your Ranking Keywords, so you can decide which have the most potential for you.

You can choose to add any of our suggested keywords into your Keyword Tracker, or enter your own manually.

We’ll show you how the Ranking Positions for your Tracked Keywords have changed week to week, which of your site’s specific pages are ranking, and how much traffic is being delivered.

Share your ranking success - export your rankings data to CSV, Excel or PDF for analysis or sharing with your boss or clients.

DIY SEO plan users can get a weekly email digest of their latest rankings and changes.

Regional Precision

Did you know Google Keyword Rankings can vary considerably from Country to Country, but most tools use a ‘one glove fits all’ approach and show you your keyword rankings in the United States?

This data may not be relevant to your business, and could even be completely wrong.

SEOptimer’s Keyword Tracking Tool allows you to choose from over 70 countries worldwide so that you can track your SEO efforts accurately.

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Plans and Pricing

For Your Website

Simple Do-It-Yourself SEO Software that crawls your site for problems, recommends tasks and tracks rankings.
US $ 19 Monthly
White Label
Generate Unlimited White Label PDF Reports with your own company logo, branding, text and check selections in 15 languages. Crawl Multiple Websites for issues.
US $ 29 Monthly
White Label & Embedding
All 'White Label' features + build a custom Embed Audit Form to generate leads straight from your site, and send them to your inbox or other systems.
US $ 59 Monthly

Feature Breakdown

FeaturesDIY SEOWhite LabelWhite Label & Embedding
Website Audits
Access to SEO Toolbox
White Label PDF Reporting
Unlimited PDF Report Downloads
Audit Website Sub-Pages
Add Target Keywords
Add Competitors
Reports in 15 Languages
Custom Branding, Logo & Company Details
Customize Report Colors, Fonts, and Intro Text
Choose Checks & Sections to Include
White Label Custom Domain
Report Templates
3 Templates6 Templates
Schedule Reports
10 Schedules50 Schedules
Embeddable Website Audit Tool
Embed Unlimited Audit Forms
Generate Unlimited Leads
Embed Form Design Customization
Embed Form Behaviour
Leads Sent to Email (with Contact Details)
Call To Action Buttons
Web Hook Integration
Zapier Integration
Branded Customer 'Thank You' Emails
Search, Sort and Export All Leads
Optional GDPR Fields
SEO Crawler
Website Crawls
4 Crawls a Month (for 1 Website)10 Crawls a Month (across Multiple Websites)50 Crawls a Month (across Multiple Websites)
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Recommendations for Site
See Site's Keywords and Volumes
Keyword Rank Tracking
20 Keywords100 Keywords250 Keywords
Task & Progress Management
Task Recommendations
Guides for different CMSs
Tracking of Task & Issue Progress
Weekly Email Digests